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How to Have a Great Q1

You might feel like you need a break after the holiday craze, but a successful start to a new year depends on the strength of your first quarter. In fact, Q1 can make or break an ecommerce business, but there are many ways to start the new year off with a bang. Here are a few ways in which your ecommerce business can develop new selling strategies to augment the growth your business saw during the holiday season:

1. Connect with your customers right off the bat

You likely gained new supporters, customers, or subscribers over the holiday season. Reach out to them! Establish a presence in their inbox as a company that cares about them and thei experience with your business—it’s a great way to build a long-term relationship with customers. Even a simple “Thank You” email shows customers that your company cares about their business.

2. Initiate new sales and promotions to draw customers back in

Sales and promotions are great ways to attract customers back after the busy holiday season; after all, most people are eyeing gifts for themselves as they shop for friends and family. In doing this, you can increase your sales and revenue at the same time you clear out unused inventory or unsold holiday stock. Keeping your customers in the “consuming” mindset with sales, promotions, and deals is key to ecommerce success.

3. Analyze your sales data

The best way to make Q1 into a platform for year-long success? Start by combing through your sales data. What worked during the holiday season and what didn’t? For example, if a certain product garners a lot of attention online but relatively few purchases, something could be preventing sales. Use all available data and statistics to guide your company through the new year and make better decisions as a result.

4. Analyze your customer data

Looking through demographic data—who your customers are and what they’re buying—can allow for further understanding of your products and how to best market them. A common way to leverage these data involves marketing specific products to various demographics. By ensuring that you’re showing customers exactly what they’re seeking, it’ll be easier to keep post-holiday sales high.

5. Find a good partner

Considering how much time supply-chain management takes up, giving your business the space to strategize in Q1 can be key. Rocket Shippers offers a complete range of fulfillment services that allow your company to save money and time while growing your sales and giving you the freedom to focus on your company’s growth and success. Find out how Rocket Shippers can help your company soar to new heights in the new year—contact us today to get started.