Amazon FBA

Prep Services

Choose Rocket Shippers for FBA prep services and you’ll get all the benefits of FBA without worrying about Amazon’s strict guidelines for packaging and inventory.

What Is Amazon FBA?

When your company decides to sell on Amazon, you have two options for fulfillment: fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or fulfillment by merchant (FBM).

rocket shippers delivering a package

Amazon FBA, or fulfillment by Amazon, refers to the process of providing your inventory to Amazon to fulfill via their Amazon Prime service. Rocket Shippers offers complete and compliant FBA prep services for your inventory, so you never have to worry about being charged for noncompliance or having your products refused on delivery.

Worried about the next shipping delay or supply-chain disruption?
We can help with FBM fulfillment, too.

Why Choose Amazon FBA Over FBM?

Perhaps the biggest reason to fulfill your Amazon products through FBA is to put the Prime logo next to your product listing. Amazon Prime members know that a Prime-designated product comes with advantages like free two-day shipping, which can lead to higher sales.

person controlling a delivery truck

Other benefits include discounted shipping rates, returns management, customer service, and plenty of storage space. Of course, should you choose to go with Rocket Shippers for your FBM Amazon fulfillment, we can provide those same great benefits, too.

The Stress-Free Way to
Prep for Amazon FBA

Amazon’s FBA rules are notoriously strict. Failure to follow the guidelines can lead to non compliance fees or refusal of your products, which equals lost time, increased costs, and ultimately, lost sales. That’s why more and more Amazon sellers are turning to third-party FBA prep services to handle this work for them.

At Rocket Shippers, we’re Amazon FBA experts who know how to label, pack, and ship your products to Amazon with 100% compliance every time.

Our services include:

Two-wheeled cart

Unpacking and repackaging products

Placed label on an item

Placing Amazon-compliant labels on every item

Delivery box

Preparing items that are fragile, sharp, or unpackaged

Shopping Cart

Poly-bagging items to match Amazon’s FBA guidelines

A plant growing out of the box

Quality control to ensure products aren’t damaged or defective before shipment

When should you turn to Rocket Shippers for your FBA prep services?
Here are three types of sellers who can benefit from our expertise:

World Globe

You’re new to selling on Amazon

Quality control to ensure products aren’t damaged or defective before shipment

Notebook conected with the management software

You’re struggling with FBA requirements

If you’re seeing returned shipments or unplanned service fees from Amazon FBA, it’s time to call in the specialists. Rocket Shippers guarantees compliance and can help get your products accepted to Amazon’s warehouses every time.

Checklist fullfilment

You’re spending too much time on fulfillment

Whether you have a small team or want to refocus your shipping specialists on other fulfillment needs, Rocket Shippers’ FBA prep service can take this work off your plate and give you back the time you need to focus on other business priorities.

Leave FBA Prep Work to Us

Let Rocket Shippers handle the packaging, labeling, and shipment of your products to Amazon fulfillment centers for your business—and relax knowing your items are in the best hands.